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June 2012

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Saratoga Springs,UT,

Member Since:

Jan 31, 2008



Goal Type:

5 K Finish

Running Accomplishments:

2013  First person to bag the six highest Wasatch peaks in one day. First and only person to do a Kings Peak double (highest peak in Utah).  I've now accomplished it three times. Fishished two 100-milers within 6 days.

2011 - Finished ten 100-milers, top 3 in the world for finishes during the year.  Now in the top-20 for career 100-mile finishes. Finished three 100-miles within four weeks.

2010 - Overall first place Across the Years 48-hour run (187 miles), Overall first place Pony Express Traill 100.

2009 - Utah State Grand Masters 5K champion (Road Runners Club of America).  National 100-mile Grand Masters Champion (Road Runners Club of America). USATF 100-mile National Champion for age 50-54.

2006 - Set record of five consecutive Timpanogos Summits ("A record for the criminally insane")  See:

2007 - Summited 7 Utah 13-ers in one day.  See: 

Finished over 90 Ultras including 57 100-milers in eight years. 7 road marathons.

Only person to have finished seven different 100-mile races in Utah: Wasatch, Bear, Moab, Pony Express Trail, Buffalo Run, Salt Flats, and Bryce.

PRs - all accomplish when over 50 years old

5K - 19:51 - 2010 Run to Walk 5K

10K - 42:04 - 2010 Smile Center

1/2 Marathon: 1:29:13 - 2011 Utah Valley

Marathon - 3:23:43 - 2010 Ogden Marathon

50K - 4:38 - 2010 Across the Years split

50-mile - 8:07 - 2010 Across the Years split

100K - 10:49 - 2010 Across The Years split

12-hours 67.1 miles - 2010 Across The Years split

100-mile 19:40 - 2011 Across the Years split

24-hours 117.8 miles - 2011 Across the Years split

48-hours 187.033 miles - 2010 Across the Years

100-mile races

1 2005 Rocky Raccoon 26:53:00 72nd
2 2005 Bear 32:23:00 29th
3 2006 Bighorn 29:38:03 36th
4 2006 Tahoe Rim 28:04:49 16th
5 2006 Wasatch 34:15:00 114th
6 2006 Bear 30:35:00 19th
7 2006 Pony Express 25:29:00 1st
8 2007 Pony Express 23:26:00 1st
9 2007 Bighorn 29:00:16 24th
10 2007 Vermont 25:18:19 79th
11 2007 Leadville 26:15:46 60th
12 2007 Plain 31:45:00 5th
13 2007 Bear 28:13:00 23rd
14 2007 Pony Express 24:45:00 2nd
15 2008 Rocky Raccoon 25:38:55 94th
16 2008 Moab 23:33:33 1st
17 2008 Bighorn 26:45:31 25th
18 2008 Tahoe Rim 25:54:00 17th
19 2008 Plain 32:18:00 6th
20 2008 Bear 30:51:00 30th
21 2008 Pony Express 24:26:00 2nd
22 2008 Across the Years 22:48:00 5th
23 2009 Moab 24:41:00 4th
24 2009 Bighorn 33:21:00 64th
25 2009 Tahoe Rim 25:43:00 18th
26 2009 Wasatch 28:33:02 42nd
27 2009 Bear 28:21:15 24th
28 2009 Pony Express 22:58:19 1st
29 2009 Javelina Jundred 23:46:59 35th
30 2010 Rocky Raccoon 21:07:58 42nd
31 2010 Antelope Island 22:15:45 1st
32 2010 Bighorn 26:38:24 19th
33 2010 Tahoe Rim 26:05:39 15th
34 2010 Wasatch 28:28:47 48th
35 2010 Bear 26:30:45 27th
36 2010 Pony Express 20:53:02 1st
37 2010 Across the Years 19:46:00 1st
38 2011 Rocky Raccoon 21:22:10 32nd
39 2011 Buffalo Run 20:27:00 3rd
40 2011 Salt Flats 21:36:36 2nd
41 2011 Bighorn 30:14:00 59th
42 2011 Tahoe Rim 29:45:51 29th
43 2011 Cascade Crest 27:40:20 47th
44 2011 Wasatch 31:20:08 97th
45 2011 Virgil Crest 32:42:34 17th
46 2011 Pony Express 25:15:35 9th
47 2011 Across the Years 19:40:00 2nd
48 2012 Rocky Raccoon 28:23:15 171st
49 2012 Cascade Crest 30:37:31 72nd
50 2012 Bear 31:46:05 102nd
51 2012 Across the Years 22:37:34 4th
52 2013 Buffalo Run 23:11:05 20th
53 2013 North Coast 24 21:48:00 5th
54 2013 Salt Flats 23:29:19 8th
55 2013 Bryce 29:51:05 49th
56 2013 Bighorn 28:29:55 48th
57 2013 Cascade Crest 28:12:31 61st

Long-Term Running Goals:

I would like to keep running ultras into my 60s. 


Details at:  Married with six kids.  Started running at the age of 46 in 2004.  My first race since Junior High days was a 50K. I skipped the shorter road stuff and went straight to ultramarathons.  I started as a back-of-the packer, but have progressed to a top-10-percent ultra finisher.  Wish I would have started running at a much earlier age.  Have had several articles published in national running magazines.  Check out my running adventure blog at

Favorite Blogs:

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Mizuno Wave Elixer 6 - Yellow Lifetime Miles: 681.00
New Balance Leadville Lifetime Miles: 410.00
Altra Torin Lifetime Miles: 97.00
Hoka Rapa Nui Lifetime Miles: 179.00
Altra Olympus Orange Lifetime Miles: 667.10
Altra Repetition Blue Lifetime Miles: 316.70
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Pool Laps Miles: 232.00
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Progress.  The last two mornings when I took my first steps I was pain-free.  Minimal pain walking around the house.  Today I finally got that bone stimulator device which I will use for 30 minutes a day.

I've been very lazy.  I haven't even worked our at all for 10 days.   I'm starting to think it is time to get back to work doing some cross-training.

On Saturday I went to Squaw Peak 50 to help my son Kevin finish his first.  He did well, 14:47.  On the Hobble Creek road I handed out 100 Popsicles.   They were a hit and it was good to see so many friends once again. At the finish, lots of questions about the leg.  I made fun of friends making a man with a broken leg go fetch them food and drink.

It was kind of hard missing SP50 for the first time in many years, but I'm thinking if I do come back that maybe next year I make up for it by doing a SP50 double.

If all goes well, I'm now predicting that I can start doing some running on July 1. 

If any one wants my Utah Valley Half bib for Saturday, let me know.  You just have to be slow enough to NOT place in my age group.  > 1:35 or so.

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Things are improving, slow but sure.  But it seems like I can detect improvement every couple days rather than every 7 days.  I have stretches that I can walk pain-free now.   I'm leering about doing any cross-training that involves any pain at all.  Seems like when I have tried, I've been set back a couple days.   So I'm avoiding any exercise that involves pain in the area until I'm sure I can take it without doing damage.   That means only swimming, and it seems like I can do some bike now.  I'm still using the bone stimulator.  I've been on it for two weeks now.  The doctor thought it would be six weeks.  So, I'm hoping to be healed in four weeks.  If not, I'll miss Cascade Crest.   I've gained about 12 pounds.  That is bad, so I'm starting to diet.  Yuk.   I'd rather work out and let it just fall off normally.

Got up early at 5 a.m. to go swim, but the pool was closed because poop was found in it.   Great.

Pool Laps Miles: 200.00
Total Distance

For the first time in 20 weeks I had a workout that left me tired.  40 minutes pounding the eliptical like crazy.  Its a start.  Nice to be dripping sweat again.

Pool Laps Miles: 32.00
Total Distance

Walked up to check out the fire damage.  Firemen still blocking the area off and keeping a careful watch of the area near the explosives plant.  I try to look for areas that aren't distroyed but can't find them.  Some pinion pines remain, but most are gone.  What a mess.

My walk was pain-free.  These are my first two pain-free mile of the year.  (The original stress fracture happened at Across the Years).

Total Distance

50 minutes hard eliptical.  It was nice to feel more pain in the other leg instead of the bad one.  That crazy machine isn't good for the knees, too much pressure on the knee caps.  Oh well, it is the best for now.  Also could walk pain-free and do some power walking.   I could probably start doing a little jogging, but I'm holding off.  Let's power-walk first and see if I can up the miles without pain.

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40 minutes of elliptical. After seven months of pain it is really odd for it to just disappear at once.   I was starting to believe I would have that pain the rest of my life.  I had to search in my bags for a hand-held water bottle.  Haven't used one for months.

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Three mile power walk during lunch up the Riverton/Herriman paved trail.  Leg felt good, some knee pain that comes and goes.  I can't figure that out yet.  Could just be due to under-use.

After work, 30 minutes pounding the elliptical then two miles outside.  I even did a slow pain-less jog for the first time in five months.  I could only do the for 1/4 mile before a little pain showed up, but walking was fine.

When I got home, my wife said, "OOOO, you stink!"  I replied, "Isn't it wonderful, the first time in 5 months!"  She didn't think it was wonderful, and said again, "you really stink."  I thanked her for the compliment.

Yes, things are getting better!

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Tough 70-minute elliptical workout, also core and weights.  I went out try running with my weight lifting friends.  They ran a slow two miles.   I ran nearly the entire way and got back before them.  Progress.

In the afternoon I went on my first hike in six months.  I hiked up Lott Canyon, a canyon I've run many, many times.  The entire vast canyon and every side canyon was destroyed.  I could tell the fire was very hot because on there is nothing left on the ground, no limbs, nothing, just black rock and about a half inch of ash.  Once the rain comes, the steep slopes are going to really have bad erosion.

I reached the top and is was depressing to look down.  All the maples the produced nice fall colors are gone.

The only bright side it that this now opens up so many running routes that were impossible to run because of all the brush and trees.  I could see the deer trails left, which have been used for decades.  They can now be used as running trails in this barren wasteland.  

I decided to hike to the south up a ridge that used ot be rough going because of all the brush.  I worked up it easily.  Now the only obstacles are black rocks.  Even all the moss is gone from the rocks.   I noticed all the annoying bugs up there are gone.   I kept going, going to ridge tops I had never been on before.  The views were nice, but there was destruction all around me.   I could see lots of red retardants on the ridge tops.   They tried hard to stop the fire from going over the ridge but it eventually burned both sides.

Wow, this was easy going.  I now will be able to run the entire Lake Mountain ridge top without difficulty.  My leg was holding up pretty well.  I used trekking poles the entire way.

Soon I came to massive Israel Canyon, the main canyon on the mountain.  It was all destroyed except for a square mile or so near the top.   I looked down and could see the Power company hard at work finishing up replacing all the power lines and poles going up the canyon.  They were all weakened by the fire or completly burned.  I saw some that looked like small burned logs.

Going down the road, it was ironic to see a cigarette butt, thown out of a truck by one of the workers.  With all this fire destruction, still no common sense.

I ran out of water and the last few miles were tough in 90 degrees. But it was nice to be hiking again.  My leg held up well and I was pleased that the leg muscles generally felt fine on this 12 mile hike.   When I took off my shoes and socks, my feet were really black with ash.

I posted pictures on Facebook.

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Pool Laps Miles: 232.00
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